Tips and Tricks


1. Auto enlarge artwork to bleed. We have created several simple one or two page public catalog templates to auto enlarge your files to bleed in the chance that your files do not already come with bleeds. You can find these templates within the following catalogs; Common Sizes, Datasheets, Flyers and Postcards. Any of these templates will give you the option to upload artwork with bleeds or without. When you are ready to upload your artwork use either one of the options below.

Upload Artwork: Option 1 (artwork with bleeds)

Option 1 will allow you to upload artwork that contains any size bleed of 1/16" or larger. Please make sure that your artwork is centered and has bleeds on all for sides for this to work properly.

Upload Artwork: Option 2 (enlarges artwork to bleed)

Option 2 will allow you to upload artwork that does not have any size bleed and you would like to enlarge the artwork a small percentage to create a bleed. Again we ask that you make sure your artwork be centered for this to work properly.

If your file does not contain bleeds we will not be able to cut it to the desired size with bleeds. If your document bleeds you must provide a file with bleeds.

2. Gang jobs with identical specifications into one job for lower pricing. If you have 250 each of three 4/4 datasheets all printed on the same paper stock, gang them into one file and submit them as one job.  Merge all 3 PDF files into one file with 6 pages.  Specify the job quantity as 250 and enter 3 under "Sheets Per Set".  Then upload the one file as a 2-sided job.  This will give you pricing at the 750 quantity level which is lower than the 250 quantity level.  You can use the same process for business cards.  Submitting a multiple name business card order qualifies for multiple name discounts.  This only works if each job ordered is for the same specs (same quantity, same paper, same format — such as all 4/0, all 4/4, etc.)

3. Use the Public Catalog under the "Catalog" tab to order the most commonly used formats such as Datasheets, Business Cards, Booklets, Brochures and Postcards. These Catalog jobs include the appropriate format and finishing for these jobs so you don't have to manually enter them. Currently the multiple page PDF upload does not work in the Catalog area.

4. When estimating or ordering a job through the "Estimate" tab search through the "Products" to see if there is a format that applies to your job. Instead of ordering a 5 x 7 postcard through the "Custom" Product format and manually entering the size, if you scroll down through the Products you will see that there is a Postcard 7 x 5 Product that has the proper specs.  This saves time because it has the proper dimensions already entered and it limits the paper stock selection to card stocks so you don't need to scroll through irrelevant stocks to find the stock you need.

5. Make sure to add all necessary "Finishing" tasks to your job when using the Estimator to estimate or submit a job. One common oversight is to omit scoring for folding jobs. If your job needs to be folded and is run on any stock heavier than 80# text, or your artwork has printing on the fold, it will need to be scored before folding and you will need to add Scoring as an additional Finishing task. This applies to 100# text and all cover stocks.

For orders that need color matching or correction, be sure to include the "Color Correction" finishing task found under "Prepress".

For any job run more than 4-up, add the appropriate cutting charge under finishing.

6. Enter job reference information in the Memo and PO functions when you submit jobs to enable easy search and retrieval for re-runs. When you are submitting jobs make sure to fill in the Memo line or the PO line. This will make it easy to search through your archived jobs and re-order the same job. Files reside on a secure server and can be re-ordered at any time by clicking on the View Orders link and performing a search using the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of that page. When you find the previous order you click on it and then click on the Re-order icon.

7. Business Cards orders. Current we only print set quantities for business cards. The quantities that we honor are 100, 200, 250, 400, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000 and 2500. When placing orders for business cards through the Estimator area please only use these set quantities. Since our Business Card pricing and multiple item discount is biased per name you will need to add an item for each name you order into the shopping cart to see and receive the correct price. Please call our support team if you need assistance with pricing. Thank you.

Multiple Name Discount: 5% off for 2-4 names

10% off for 5-9 names

20% off for 10-24 names

25% off for 25 and more names

8. Wide Format Printing. When placing an order for multiple file posters please make sure to use versions to identify the number of pages in your PDF. Do not use the number of sheets. Wide Format is treated differently since the machine prints on a roll.